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Illinois voter choice in 2018

REAL GOP ILLINOIS - New Poll Puts Gov. Bruce Rauner in Lethal Mark Kirk Territory

    See: - Illinois voter electorate would be greatly empowered by eliminating the March Primary and all the candidates are on the November General election. Utilizing Instant-Runoff Voting in General election would result in voters having the extra time to examine and fully vet all the candidate before deciding on the value merits of their best qualified candidate. If all the 2016 Primary election candidates had all been on the 2016 General election ballot, Republican voters could have demonstrated their frustration over Mark Kirk and Democrat voters would have had the opportunity to chose better than Tammy Duckworth. 

  Illinois' Primary election, a form of exclusion partisan voting “Politics-as-Usual (P/U stinks), is another example of President Trump recognizing that elections are rigged. 

To “vet”was originally a horse-racing term, referring to the requirement that a horse be checked for health and soundness by a veterinarian before being allowed to race. Thus, it has taken the general meaning "to check". It is a figurative contraction of veterinarian, which originated in the mid-17th century.   

Connor VlaKancic was born in Aurora, Illinois and lived on May Street. His paternal Grandfather and his parents worked at Barber-Greene.  When he was three years, his family (parents and older sister) moved to Hinckley to his maternal Grandparents dairy farm on Somonauk Road.  He graduated from Hinckley-Big Rock HS and graduated from technical college in Chicago.  His sister worked at All-Steel, living in Aurora. His parents retired to Sycamore, IL.  He has returned to Aurora and DeKalb County multiple times every year.  After college in Chicago, he moved to San Jose, CA and achieved a thirty-five year career in semiconductor electronics (Fairchild, Timex, Intel) and software (Apple Computer, .  Produced over two dozen US patents at his employment. And achieved three patents of his own to start-up five companies of his own entrepreneurship.

Let's Make Illinois Great Again - "Political change is about trends and the one thing we know is that these trends escalate in speed as an election grows near. As a November's General elections grows nearer, has your opinion of your prefered candidate improved are diminished?

  Constant G. “Connor” VlaKancic wrote the original "Contract with America" that he provided to Rep. Newt Gingrich in August 1994. And was a newly created Reform Party candidate in the US 15th Congressional District in September 1995. He was a Registrar of Voters voting Precinct Captain ten times in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, California Connor was a Republican candidate for US Congress in California 17th Congressional District in 2006. And a Joliet resident write-in candidate for US Congress Illinois 11th Congressional District in 2012.    
  In January 2000, in Croatia, his Grandfather's homeland, Connor VlaKancic was appointed by US Ambassador William Montgomery, to be US Department of State Representative to OSCE/ODIHR in Europe to be international election observer following the death of Croatian President Franjo Tudjman. A responsibility that he has performed more times in the new democracies that have emerged with the disintegration of Yugoslavia.  
  Connor was the US Representative Independent not-partisan candidate in the September 2015 Illinois 18th CD Special General election to replace Rep. Aaron Schock. His OSCE electioneering commitments in Croatia prevented him from returning to Illinois within the short time-line to collect registered voter signatures to achieve ballot position. Undaunted, he filed registered write-in candidacy in all 19 counties of the 18th CD. During July and August, he literally drove 75%+ of the highways and byways in the 18th's CD meeting with frustrated voters.   

For Children [of all ages] :-)

 Election Lessons and Activities: Voter Registration I.D. Cards - Election Fun: Show Me Your Card! 

A Voter Registration I. D. is a fun way for students to practice writing their name and address.

It's also a good way to assess how they are listening and following directions, as they fill out pertinent information that they should know, on an "important" form.  To make the Voter Registration I.D. more realistic, have students glue their school photograph in the box provided.  If you don't have one, they can draw a self-portrait.  Teacher's sign the template on the teacher blank space, before they run off copies. So that students can make up their own, refer to your signature, when you are explaining what a signature is to your students. Have children show you their Voter Registration I.D. before they vote in your mock election.  To show them how important their I.D is, if they've forgotten it, when they come up to vote, send them back to their desk to get it, before they can cast their vote. Afterward, you might even want to have a discussion whether they think a voter I.D. is important, and discuss how voters verify who they are in real state and national elections, before they can vote.   

IL-US 11th District